Accredited and Affordable Nursing LPN/CNA Programs

Licensed Practical Nurse Illinois program

The Licensed Practical Nurse Illinois program offered by Best Med-Care helps you become an LPN in 11 months. LPN is one of the most sought after team members in hospitals and health care facilities. With the latest developments in health care facility, the need for their services is estimated to go up dramatically.  The course program is accredited by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, so you are sure to land a decent paying job shortly after completing the course.


Benefits of Completing LPN Program with Best Med-Care

Accredited LPN Licensed Practical Nurse program offered by Best Med-care provides you with numerous advantages.

The most important advantage of the practical nurse program offered by Best Med-Care is convenience. You can integrate the course works easily into your dailyroutines. You can learn at your convenient timings and easily balance between your coursework and responsibilities. The flexible nature of the nursing degree program helps you learn better at your own pace.


When compared to traditional practical nurse programs, Best Med-Care program is more affordable. You can also save money on traveling, food and accommodation. Best Med-Care offers free books as well.


Ability to Obtain Licensure Quickly and Easily
Completing LPN programs in Illinois will qualify you for the National Council Licensure Examination. Best Med-Care offers review classes for preparing you for the exam.  As the course work covers all the essential topics and helps you acquire all the essential skills, you can pass the exam easily and prove that you have the right knowledge and skill sets to work in the health care field.


Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) programs

offered by Best Med-Care will lead to an effortless entry into the heath care field. Nursing assistants are important members of a healthcare team and they work closely with patients on a daily basis to offer important care, such as checking temperature, blood pressure and pulse rate of the patients, assisting them with tasks like personal grooming and assisting doctors and nurses with medical procedures. Nursing assistant programs provided by Best Med-Care are accredited by Illinois Department of Public Health and they prepare you to become a qualified nursing assistant certified to work in various settings, including hospitals, medical offices, rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities and home healthcare.

Certified Nursing Assistant Classes

offer an opportunity to apply the theoretical concepts you learn to real life cases. The course program develops your skills to work in a variety of settings and with multiple patients. You can also acquire skill sets, including effective time management and prompt decision making during emergencies. Once you complete the training program, you will be eligible to take the Certified Nursing Assistant test to qualify for Illinois nurse aide registry placement.  Unlike regular CNA programs, the CNA nursing degree program offered by Best Med-Care can be completed within 4 weeks.


In order to get admission in the CNA nursing assistant programs, you need to be at least 16 years of age and have completed at least eighth grade. You need to have sound English speaking skills. Submitting to a background check and going through physical checkup are also important.


After completing the CNA nursing assistant programs in Illinois, you can get a good job quickly and easily. The latest developments in health care facilities have increased the demand for certified Nursing Assistants.


Hospitals, nursing homes and health care companies look for qualified nursing assistants.  The average income of CNAs is around $25,000 to $28,000. This may increase with additional work experience. As certified nursing assistants are required 24/7, you can set your own working hours that fit your lifestyle. 



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